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Cheese & Charcuterie

“My last supper would be a charcuterie smorgasbord with every kind of meat, and sauces to dip them in.” – Kelis


CheesesLooking for prosciutto from the old country sliced so perfectly thin that you can read the morning paper through it? Find all your specialty meat products right here at Fernanda’s International Market & Café. We carry Italian Bresaola, Prosciutto from Parm, Serrano Ham and Fresh Sausage


“Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese.” – Luis Buñuel

CheeseFromage, queso, ostur, jibini, queijo–however you may say it, Fernanda’s is the place for cheese lovers. We offer our customers a selection of over 15 different cheeses! We have it all from our fresh homemade mozzarella to the Vasterbotten from Switzerland–and we’re not going to lie, Peter makes some pretty awesome homemade mozzarella.


We’re also proud to be the only place in Fort Lauderdale that ages our Auricchio Provolone for 24 months.

Here are some of the cheeses you can find at Fernanda’s International Market & Cafe:

1. Asiago
2. Aged Auricchio Provolone
3. Arina Goat Cheese
4. Danish Bleu Cheese
5. Black Diamond Cheddar
6. Brie
7. Fontina
8. Fontanelle

9. Creamy Gorgonzola
10. Gruyere
11. Vasterbotten
12. Locatelli Romano
13. Parmigiana Reggino D.O.P
14. Bulgarian Feta
15. French Feta
16. Buffalo Mozzarella D.O.P

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